Keto coconut mash

A classic breakfast almost always has one of the following: toast, milk, bowl of cereal, maybe orange juice or a coffee, and then the day can begin. However, when it comes to practicing a ketogenic diet (keto), then we’ve already passed our carbohydrate limit with these.

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Do we really need supplements?

Usually our bodies get all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients by engaging in a healthy, balanced diet. However, day in and day out, we see grocery store shelves filled to the brim with vitamins and supplements of all colors and for all ages. So, why is there actually such a big market for supplements when all it takes is to ‘eat right’ for our bodies to meet their vitamin and mineral needs?

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Brain foods

We’ve all had days where our thoughts are just too clouded and strained to be able to get anything done. Ever just sat at your work desk or in a lecture hall, just staring off into space, unable to focus or concentrate? Or a day where you just couldn’t be bothered to get anything done? What if you could remain alert more often and were able to focus on a task on command? Enter ‘brain foods’: snacks and ingredients that affect our concentration levels and productivity in positive ways, while having the added plus of being great stress-reducers. Our brains use up to 20% of our bodily energy each and every day. By adding more foods, vitamins, and nutrients catered to brain health and function to our diets, we can begin to form a plan of attack against any nutrition-induced mental lethargy and boost our overall energy levels.

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Magnesium is a mineral that is an electrolyte at the same time. Our bodies cannot produce this essential micronutrient by itself and so, like with other nutrients, magnesium must be obtained through the foods we consume as part of our diets.

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From sports drinks to healthy soup broths, one thing is certain: our bodies crave electrolytes and need to maintain a good balance of them, especially when doing sports.

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Coconut chia pudding

Sometimes it's just hard to resist the sweet urge for dessert when we crave it. Thanks to our tasty pudding, you don't have to resist. Our recipe for coconut chia pudding contains MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides), which are famous for providing a big energy boost, omega-3 fatty acids that are good for blood fat levels, while protecting our cells from damage thanks to their antioxidants. Enjoy!

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