Lutein is a secondary plant compound which belongs to the group carotenoids. Unlike other carotenoids, it does not feature any provitamin A activity. Nevertheless, it is important for our bodies because it is involved in countless processes. Among other functions, it has a protective impact on our cells thanks to its antioxidative effects, and is a compound commonly used by animals to interpret light in their retinas. Find out which other positive effects this colorful carotenoid can have on our bodies.

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Vitamins and antioxidants

At one point or another, we all become familiar with the basic concept surrounding antioxidants and vitamins. We’ve all been to the corner drugstore or to Walmart and seen the wide selection of vitamin supplements that are available, and we know that antioxidants are important parts of a detox or all-together ‘let’s get healthier’ regimen.

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Vitamin A

Also known as the ‘eye vitamin’ due to its importance in influencing eyesight in our retinas, vitamin A plays important roles in cellular growth, and particularly concerning skin regeneration. It protects our bodies from free radicals and damages resulting from them.

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Zeaxanthin is a carotenoid that we need to consume via our diets and nutrition, as our bodies are not able to produce it on their own. It above all plays a key role in our eyesight, and how much zeaxanthin our bodies require each day is partly influenced by factors such as stress or sickness.

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Vitamin E

Vitamin E captures free radicals and in doing so, protects the cells. However, it also helps with cell renewal and is therefore of significant importance to the whole body. It is primarily known for its skin-rejuvenating effect and is used in numerous creams and other care products.

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