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Strengthen the immune system with chocolate, sports, and smoothies

Dr. Alois Teuber swears by a small smoothie with pineapple, banana, spinach, and stinging nettle every day in order to stay fit and healthy. This orthopedist is an internationally-renowned sports physician and the official team doctor of famous German sports teams Fortuna Düsseldorf (soccer) and the Düsseldorfer Eishockey Team DEG (ice hockey), and belongs to countless other sports clubs. His medical practice is in Meerbusch, a suburb just northwest of Düsseldorf, Germany. We recently led an interview with Dr. Teuber about his opinion on the best ways to strengthen the immune system, which you can see below.

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Brain foods

We’ve all had days where our thoughts are just too clouded and strained to be able to get anything done. Ever just sat at your work desk or in a lecture hall, just staring off into space, unable to focus or concentrate? Or a day where you just couldn’t be bothered to get anything done? What if you could remain alert more often and were able to focus on a task on command? Enter ‘brain foods’: snacks and ingredients that affect our concentration levels and productivity in positive ways, while having the added plus of being great stress-reducers. Our brains use up to 20% of our bodily energy each and every day. By adding more foods, vitamins, and nutrients catered to brain health and function to our diets, we can begin to form a plan of attack against any nutrition-induced mental lethargy and boost our overall energy levels.

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Optimization for runners

Jose was born and raised in Madrid and only first ventured off onto his discovery of running when he was 24 years old. Having previously played just soccer through most of his youth, as well as a slew of team sports ranging back to when he was 7 years old, Jose ultimately found running because he was motivated to stay in shape.

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Anti-inflammatory diet

There are some days when we experience new emotions or feelings that we aren’t used to - for example, irritability, jitteriness, lethargy, apathy, and even depression. Times are rough when we constantly feel down and irritable, but the good news is that we can almost always trace the source of such bad feelings straight down to the individual foods that compromise our well-being.

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How to get optimized for weight control

Weight control is one of the most common goals for those seeking change in their lives. Let’s discover more about being overweight, how our metabolism can affect our body weight, and what steps we can take to finally rein in and control our weight.

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Hair loss vitamins

It’s clear - one day we will all wake up to discover that our once-voluptuous crown of locks has descended into a state of disarray. For some, this simply means having bedhead - which can often look on-par with an expensive haircut. For others, it means realizing that your hairline is receding, or bald patches are beginning to appear, all at varying speeds.

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Pineapple chocolate beauty snack

Improving the health of our skin and hair can be difficult, with countless products and chemicals used. But what if all it took for beautiful, healthy skin and hair was to improve little aspects of our diets over time? And what if those were with foods that we love to eat?

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How to boost the immune system

It’s time to put down your vitamin water, wash your hands obsessively one last time (just once), and dive into the crossroads of how our diet influences our immune system, and how you can hack your diet to give it a much-needed boost.

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