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Vitamin E

Vitamin E captures free radicals and in doing so, protects the cells. However, it also helps with cell renewal and is therefore of significant importance to the whole body. It is primarily known for its skin-rejuvenating effect and is used in numerous creams and other care products.

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Primarily known as the male sex hormone, testosterone is important throughout all of our lives. It promotes high bone density, aids in the formation of muscles and breakdown of fat, and is crucial in the provision of energy.

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Serotonin is popularly known as a ‘happiness hormone’, yet it plays an important role in many other key functions in the human body. It not only has the ability to brighten our moods, but also influences the cardiovascular system, digestive tract, blood clotting, central nervous system, circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycles), and cellular growth.

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Lutein is a secondary plant compound which belongs to the group carotenoids. Unlike other carotenoids, it does not feature any provitamin A activity. Nevertheless, it is important for our bodies because it is involved in countless processes. Among other functions, it has a protective impact on our cells thanks to its antioxidative effects, and is a compound commonly used by animals to interpret light in their retinas. Find out which other positive effects this colorful carotenoid can have on our bodies.

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Vitamin K

Vitamin K, or to be more precise, vitamins K1 and K2, is crucial when it comes to regulation of blood clotting. In addition, they play a key role in the mineralization and growth of your bones.

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Selenium protects our bodies from environmental toxins, free radicals, and heavy metals. It improves our immune defenses and can boost our fertility. Selenium is involved in the activation of numerous enzymes.

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Zinc is an essential trace element that is obtained from our food. Our bodies needs zinc for numerous metabolic processes and for healing wounds. Zinc is also an activator for countless enzymes and hormones.

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